keskiviikko 27. marraskuuta 2013

WARD: s/t LP out now!

Finland’s downtempo heavyweights WARD have been stirring their unique musical mixture already since 2005, but only after two smaller releases and a reasonable amount of live performances are they ready to bring out their long-awaited debut full-length.
Building from the atmospheric melodies of doom metal, raw sound and morbidness of early crust and the primitive force and heaviness of old-school death metal, the self-titled LP of these Tampere-based long runners consists of four tracks and nearly 36 minutes of unnaturally heavy darkness. One of the tracks, pitch black “SELF MADE HELL” can be found at the moment in the WARD bandcamp, as well as two tracks from their earlier releases.

After almost two years of completely analogue recording, mixing and mastering in the band's bassist's own Black Floyd's Studios, WARD LP is due to be released in November 2013 in collaboration with four Finnish independent labels and is only available on black vinyl with a pressing of 500 pcs. The stunning artwork is courtesy of Finnish renowned artist / graphic designer Ville Angervuori.

Having already shared stages with the finest bands in Finland (Fleshpress, Sink, Selfish, Garden of Worm etc.) and from abroad alike (Crude, Switchblade, Aguirre etc.) and now with a full-length release due, WARD is again ready to take their total live sound to even the most obscure stages around. The record release party is to be held in Tampere’s infamous Vastavirta-Club on 7.12. with fellow death & doomsters LURK and CRIPPLER.

tiistai 19. marraskuuta 2013

New stuff on distro:
CHESTBURSTER: Secret sex tape (Warehouse Audio) 12" 12 €
SUR-RUR: Ajan paksu lakana (Roku Records) BLUE/RED VINYL 2LP 18 €
SUR-RUR: Ajan paksu lakana (Roku Records) BLACK VINYL 2LP 17 €
WASTED: Here comes the darkness (Combat Rock Industry, Trujaca Fala) LP 13 €
RED DONS: Notes on the underground (Taken By Surprise) 7" 6 €

torstai 14. marraskuuta 2013

New stuff on distro:

SPEEDTRAP: Powerdose (Svart Records) LP 12 €
KOVAA RASVAA: Ikuinen piina (Svart Records) EP 6 €
KYLMÄ SOTA/RAJOITUS split (Svart Records) EP 6 €
AJATUKSEN VALO #8 (Kaupungin Valot, Lebakko, Combat Rock Industry...) ZINE 5 €
PML #6 (Kovaa Rasvaa, Foreseen, Kyre & Duunarit...) ZINE 5 €